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Act on CO 2

Being a sad lad, I was up in the early hours of this morning watching Test match Cricket between India, one of the major CO 2 producers and Australia. During the commercial breaks an advert was being shown for this website.

Have a look

Think the Aussies are letting some go now Bodge. Chasing 413 to win.

Although we should be informed, there are still many questions to answer.
On the news this morning the Arboratum(sp) at Westonbirt(ch?) has got a stream flowing that has not had water in it for 100yrs. according to record.
The presenter asked if it could be global warming and was met with the reply that something had made the valley and they knew the stream ran underground and could be a feeder of the Avon. Perhaps the water table has just risen to old levels of years gone by.
So I ask are we changing or just reverting?

Two Aussie wickets gone down for 43 :q28:

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