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About time!

What with one thing & another recently, & the rotten weather we've been having, I haven't had a chance to get the ferrets out working. I stopped off on the way home from work & scoped out a couple of likely buries this evening though, I intend to get out for a few hours on Saturday. It's only a tones throw from the house, so I reckon I'll just take all 8 of them & give the wee felas a chance to stretch their legs! They have a decent exercise area that they get to spend time in, but there's nothing like letting them get the feel of fresh earth under their feet, & some interesting scents to chase!

Hopefully we'll end up with a few rabbits for the freezer too!

Pics to follow  

I hope all goes well and you get to reduce the bunny population by a few

Hope there are some rabbits at home, theres nothing like a good day's ferreting followed by a hearty meal of fresh rabbit cooked in cider.

Look forward to the pics.

Me too Stu.

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