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A x-stitch project

I've just completed a x-stitch project, it's washed and ironed and now I've got to decide what sort of frame I want......

A big thanks to Pilsbury for supplying the aida and silks

I saw a photo of the completed project sent in by a reader of a x-stitch magazine and immediatley liked the look of it. The original pattern was for a door stop but they had framed it instead.
It was a coincidence that they named the reader and said she was from Gwynedd.
I showed the picture to our knitting group and they knew the person who lived in the next village!
I contacted her through facebook - she was really surprised as she didn't even know that they had printed her letter. She pointed me in the right direction to get the pattern and it all carried on from there  
Yorkshire Geordie

Very nice and well done - it goes to show how small the world really is.  

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