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A win win situation ?

Here's an interesting news item about a couple of farmers using farm animal poop to produce electricity.

Having read through it, there are a couple of questions that need to be looked at.
With such an excellent looking scheme, why did they struggle to get finance? I thought that the idea was that banks and financial institutions were supposed to be lending again. Good on you Lloyds!

Secondly, why when the UK, we're supposedly going green, is this the first such plant when  Germany is said to have hundreds?

I very much like the idea of this. The UK farming industry produces millions of tons of poop annually that could according to this, be put to better use. I wonder if they do a mini unit for my barrowfuls rather than lorry loads?

Wow-1.2 million set up costs! We won't all be rushing out to get one fitted!

Sorry Bodger old news mate

The Danes have been doing this for a number of yrs, I posted about it on this forum some time back. We have Denmarks largest plant 7km clicks from where I live.

Together with wind energy the Danes are world leaders in this field.

They are also world leaders in brint technology.

Britian's still in the dark ages mate, compared to Denmark.

freckle wrote:
1.2 million set up costs

That's pretty reasonable, I think. A neighbouring farm has just had a wind turbine installed (one of the full-size jobs), & the overall cost for that was in the region of 5 million (including creating the access road) I'm pretty certain there were grants available to help though, & the forecasted break-even point is only 5 years....................

Wonder if there'd be similar grants available for this scheme?

If a farm with 4000 pigs, 100 cows and 100,000 chickens is struggling to make ends meet, then its a sad inditement of the state of British farming. I thought that our farmers were supposed to be going through an upper rather than a downer at the moment.

But serious gardeners always knew there is money in shit was the conclusion of the discussion on this down the local allotment shed couple of weeks back.

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