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A wheat mission today.

I'm off on my travels today to fetch 15 x 25kg bags of wheat from a fair few miles up the road in  Bodelwyddan. I buy the bags from a farm for four quid each.
The farmers locally don't grow wheat at all and this is the only place and price that I can get it from. It still represents a fair saving to me, especially compared with what Wynnstay are wanting for whole wheat, or worse still, mixed grain.
I feed my birds on my own mix of roughly a third wheat, a third layers pellets and one third rolled barley. I'm able to get the barley for three quid a bag locally.

They seem to do OK on this mix.

I wish i lived near you , these are good prices  

Can't get Barley locally but I'm getting good Wheat for 3 a 30kg bag.
Layers pellets 5 a 20kg bag so mine get a mixture of both.  
Dave C

Buy wheat by the tonne for the shoot
We pay between 100 - 110 per tonne

So mine enjoy plenty wheat over winter  

Barley is east to come by here but I have to do almost a 120 mile round trip to get the wheat, Nobody grows it round here and the guy I buy it off doesn't have any competition.
Dave C

Do you have a CARRS supplies near you?

They do reasonable prices on wheat.
And they deliver.

We're in LL53, so its doubtful Dave. I've said if before but we're 30 miles away from the nearest set of traffic light, let alone something useful.
Rick & Carol

I've started to get 25kg bags of broken waffles from a waffle factory near here for 2.50 a bag. I fed them to last years turkeys & table birds, along with a growers ration. The birds put on a lot of weight and some of the turkey stags weighed in at 27lb. The only issue is they had a lot of lard around the stomach(great for roast spuds) fine for table birds but the layers just have a scoop on a Sunday as a treat.

Probably the best way to do it.
I know of people who don't feed their birds for one day out of seven.
The other day I put together two brood pens of LS and I felt guilty at just how over weight they were. They'd been confined indoors for two months with the bird flu restrictions, when usually they're running it off outside.
Dave C

I know what you mean my meat hybrids are getting very large even though they are now on feed rations!

Not ideal for breeding!

Right now, my Anconas are laying like little demons but my LS are very sporadic. Out of the seven brood hens that I've retained I'm pretty sure that only one of them is currently laying.
The tow breeds are like people, the Anconas obviously don't put weight on but the LS obviously do.

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