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A weasle is weasly recognised - a stoat is stoatly different

Just walked out of the kitchen door and the dog went to mug my little farm cat - it looked as though she had killed a stoat or weasel.  Went to get the camera but when I got back she had eaten it and all that was left was the blood stain.

Never sure whether to be pleased or not about something like this.  Will they really get after my chickens/chicks/pheasants/ducks etc or do they do more good than harm

It was all too late anyway  

To be honest a stoat or weasel anywhere near your hens is never going to be a good thing! Even if they don't eventually take one (which they will if they get the chance, as well as happily killing every hen in the coop!) the hens will get seriously stressed as they recognise they could be in trouble (after all, they're 'lunch' for just about everything, & their instincts tell them this)

IF they're not anywhere near poultry, they're really good things to have about the place as they'll keep the rodent & rabbit population down a bit........trouble is, they'll take a free meal as readily as a fox & once they know where your birds are it's a job keeping them away  

Thanks - I suppose that's what I really thought, and I told her she was a good cat, whereas if she has a song bird, which she does only occasionally,  I always tell her off...  I know it might sound silly but I am sure they understand if you are cross or admiring.

I had seen her round the barn more often than usual the last week or so, as she is normally hunting round the garden and woods, so perhaps she was after it.

I was a bit surprised she had killed it as they are pretty fierce, and she is only a little thing, and though she is about 6 now she is hardly much bigger than a kitten.  When I had her as a kitten from a local farmer's wife she phoned me the week after to check she hadn't died.

But she is obviously tougher than I give her credit for, though  I must say I was surprised she ate it !!!!!

That surprised me too, to be honest.............not often a cat will eat a stoat or weasel. The smell's one reason, I should imagine?

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