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A walk with the dog

I do this om
I'm back in after a short walk with Grace. I'll tell you about it after I've made a cup of tea for Karen.

Here we go, two cups of tea later.

It was showing as being just two minutes past the hour of six o'clock as I set off down Bod Lon Deb, it's the narrow country lane directly opposite our house. Everywhere was really quiet and it was still just about dark. There were bats flitting about and the stars were out. It was a lovely morning.
It was just coming light as I got to the Ganolfan football pitches. Ganolfan, is Welsh for community centre but anyway, no matter what you call it, there were no fewer than three buzzards hunting for a breakfast of worms on the recently cut grass. We've got tons of them around here. That's both buzzards and worms.
We lost thousands of rabbits to mixi at the beginning of the summer and it was nice to see one or two healthy ones making a come back in the fields. Their stinking remains littered the fields for weeks, which meant that the  buzzards fed very well. They were after more meagre fayre this morning.
A little bit further on and I could hear the sea washing on the shore and I felt compelled to go and have a look at it, so I decided to do the cliff top walk as far as Nefyn Point.
The tide was right in and it looked very peaceful. From the point I set off back down the lane towards home. I had to be back in for quarter to seven to make that first cup of tea.
A couple of weeks a go I'd watched a pair of foxes playing in a newly cut hay meadow but I haven't seen them for a while. As I got to where I'd seen them, sure enough, I saw a foxes arse end disappearing across the field. It ran from a rushy  overgrown pool about thirty yards to the hedgerow.
A cock crowed in the distance and I thought to myself you lucky beggar, little do you know what's prowling about.
My own poultry was less than quarter of a mile away and I made a note to myself to be extra careful about locking them up at night. I have been known to forget to lock up the odd coop on occasion. You may reacall that I lost a couple of Ancona hens a month or so ago. All my own fault I'm afraid.

Yes! I saw all this before  cup of tea time and what was almost as good, is that I also gave my pedometer a flying start by putting just over 4000 paces on the clock.
I do this walk with a slight variation thrown in on most mornings these days.

I was down at the river at 6ish this morning, it is beautiful just as the sun is coming through the mist.

The full tide looked very enticing first thing. I'm talking fishing rather than swimming.

You write well,thoroughly enjoyed reading your account, a daily post would be great- set me up for the day  

Reads like you really enjoyed it

In an attempt to stay fit I've been doing my morning walk for the past month. The days are definitely getting shorter and it wont be long until I'm doing it entirely in the dark.
It was really warm and muggy today but I've started to kit myself out ready for the winter. I bought some Gortex walking shoes the other day and I'm waiting for a Gortext coat to be delivered. They're dead light and reasonably priced these days and of course, while they're breathable, most importantly waterproof too.

My brother has started running late in life but to me, you miss so much plus, its a bit knackering.

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