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A visitor to our garden pond.

Karen and I were sitting by our garden pond when we had a visit from this little chap. It was only when I had a look at the photo that I noticed how tatty he looked. He must have been around for a while and seen a little bit of action.


Nice looking pond
Yorkshire Geordie

Very good shot of a raggy winged insect, Bodger.  
It's a Broad Bodied Chaser. A strong looking dragonfly and is one of the first to be seen on the wing. It can be seen in its bright yellow colouring (immature) from late April to early May.
Its flight season lasts through to early August.
The abdomen of the male gradually turns to a fine powder blue.
The mature male has dark patches at the base of its wings and yellow cusps on side of  its blue abdomen which makes it unmistakable.
In flight at first glance it can take on the appearance of a giant wasp.

I'm not all that clever because I pinched from


Your cleverer than wott I am Mart, Thanks for that mate.

We have a much bigger one than that which turns up later on in the summer.

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