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A very proud Mum

On sunday my eldest daughter competed in the British Riding Clubs National Championships at Lincoln showground. She was only meant to do a dressage test but ended up doing 2 as one girl was having problems remembering the tests and H stepped in. What a fantastic pony she has, they ended up as part of the 10th placed Riding test team and she came 13 in her arena. I am so proud of her as this was the biggest competition she has ever done and there were a lot of ponies there who only ever do dressage and our little Paddy wooped their butts.  

I think the smile says it all!


Congrats! and lovely photo's


Well done! That's a lovely photo of them both.

Yay! Well done to H and pony!  

Good for her (them) The smile really does say it all. Well done!

Big smile! Big smile.
Grandma Bodger

That last pic said it all congratulations H well done

Well done. Well done     You are entitled to be a proud mum  

As said the smile says it all      

Well done  

I like to see the big smiles.  I was taking photos at Burnham Market ODE the other Sunday & positioned myself near the finish so I could capture the big grin as they came over the awesome last fence & realized they had completed the XC course  

well done to your daughter!

With that smile H and Paddy should have been given 1st place.
deyzis mum

congratulations you must be so proud of them  

Thanks for all the lovely comments. Hannah has now decided she doesnt want to ride anymore and has made the painful decision to put Paddy out on loan not sell him. i am gutted but at least she is doing the right thing by him and not leaving him to be a field ornament (not that i would let her). So now the search begins for the right home for him.

Aw, shame shes decided to give up but good on her for doing the right thing by Paddy    Hope you find him a wonderful loan home.

sapphire wrote:
Aw, shame shes decided to give up but good on her for doing the right thing by Paddy    Hope you find him a wonderful loan home.

Hear hear, talented and responsible  

Paddy has now got a new home. He has settled in well and am sure he will be fine. I am amazed at the amount of phone calls i have had about him, 5 in 2 days!


I'm glad that he has got a new home

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