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A tortoise with attitude ?

I bet us more mature members all had a tortoise as kids, I certainly did. They only cost a few bob a piece and not too many would have been looked after properly or survived for very long. Thankfully, we do here of some exceptions from time to time.

Kaz has a hankering to have a tortoise but at a few hundred pounds each rather, than a few bob, I've been able to fob her off but she does have support for her cause from some of the kids.

As recently as the early eighties, tortoises were still being shipped into the UK and I well remember picking up a box of them for a friend who ran a pet shop in Burslem. I collected them on my moped from Longport station and rode back with them wedged across my knees. When I got back to the shop and opened up the box, they'd been stacked one on top of each other with only a layer of cardboard seperating them. I'm glad that these days, they are not so readily available and that those that you buy today have to be captive bred here in the UK.
I can't help but think of the slave trade and the slaves being transported away from home, for a lifetime in a foriegn country.

A few hundred quid!!!!!!!

Christ knows how much a thoroughbred racing tortoise would cost then.

Don't they all have to be captive bred now and import is illegal?

We have a tortoise!
Herbie is just a year old and we will have had her a year in september.
We bought her from a breeder and she cost us 110. She is really easy to keep and surprisingly good pet.

Go on Bodger get Kaz one!  

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