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A Sunday Afternoon

We decided to have a walk round the farm with the dogs. It was just us two with Oz and Jan...with the spade and a smoker that doesnt like to work!

After only speaking to he farmer about his Guinea Fowl the night before as we hadnt seen them for a while...the dogs were greeted by them as they left the car...and knew to leave them alone!

The dogs started to mark so I got the smoker going and set to work on the first holes. Two rats quickly bolted only to drop into a hole (under rubble) a few feet away. Then the smoker decided it only liked to smoke for a few seconds then cut out (guessing its due to my friend adding more oil!!!)

So the smoker was left alone and we pushed on following the dogs noses and helping them move the rubble, wood and plastic to try and uncover the rats.

Heres a few photos Leanne (Lea) managed to take inbetween us helping Oz and Jan:

(Dont think he can pull that out by himself   )

We/the dogs ended up accounting for 11 rats in total...including some greys...and as an added bonus the sun was out!

I enjoyed your walk and very good photograph quality too.

Dave C

Nice pics mate .


I'm glad that you took the camera with you - thanks.

Thanks for comments...well theres plenty more from where they came from.  

Looks like a great day.

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