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a suggestion please ..... ..... ......


Would it be possible to maybe have a land and property section, where members can let other members know of any land or properties or renovation properties are for sale or to rent or job included sort of thing ??

I think it would be well used on noted on as there is nowhere like this anywhere and believe me I have looked in alot of places !!



Hi Florence.
Its not really what the OTG forum is about.
There are loads of publications that deal with the sourcing of land and property on a national basis. A section on the forum dealing with property, would get very little use and would simply add  an inactive section. You could possibly make an entry on the trade section however.

Now when you get your piece of land ? That would be a different matter, there are loads of people who would only be too pleased to offer advice and share your experiences.

Why don't we have a vote on it? That would be more democratic and fair, don't you think?
Captain Cockerel

I'm all for democracy but I'm thinking that, given the time elapsed since Bodger's last post on this thread (nearly 4 months), the question's been answered.

Hardly breaking any records on the posting stakes...


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