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A spot of recycling.

I had a tip off at the beginning of the week that one of the local businesses regularly has loads of free wooden pallets free for the asking. As many of you will know, collecting firewood to keep the home fires burning can become very addictive, so yesterday I went into town with the trailer.
I went on site and was issued with a visitors pass and was given a high visibility jacket before being allowed on to the factory itself. I was however disappointed to find out that someone had beaten me to it. The cupboard was bare but all was not lost. The wooden ones had gone but in the corner, there were half a dozen plastic pallets that had been left. " I've got a job for you" I thought and promptly liberated them. They are going to be ideal to stand the barrels on while they are fermenting. I go past the factory fairly regularly and I've been told to drop in whenever I see any broken pallets. With rising oil and coal prices the world of firewood is definately becoming more cut throat.

Edited to say that this is the first morning that i've come in from feeding the livestock with cold fingers. That is, that my own fingers were cold, not that I was feeding them on cold fingers.

They are great, we use them for stacking hay bales and the wooden ones for  making yards etc out of even fences then when they start to rot still got firewood   hope you have better luck next time  

make excellent fencing panels or corrals for sheep - even mothering pens at lambing time - one of the reasons they are so hard to come by down here

They are like gold dust to get hold of round here.

We have loads, most farmers will let you take them away for free.

Last friday I went to two farms and collected 76 pallets of different sizes.

They have now had a chain saw put though them, and are ready for the wood boiler.
There is about 25% of total in the pic.

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