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A spot of pike fishing.

Headed out on Sunday the 11th to my local haunt for a spot of overnight pike fishing.

Armed with a bag of mackerel 30 cans of lager and a couple of tins of stag chilli me and my cousin and an old pal from school were good to go.

We set up camp, baited up the hooks and settled down for the waiting game.  

It wasn't long before my cousin landed this one.

We reckoned about 6-7lb.

We waited another 5 hours well into the night before I landed this one.

Again there were no scales but we reckoned this fish was about the 9lb mark.

My other mate landed a smaller 6lb around 11 o'clock but I was far too pissed to take the photo.

It was a good day and night some nice wee pike caught and a good catch up with old friends.  

looks like a great day- they are an amazing fish

Thirty cans of lager ! No wonder you look happy.

I'm very envious of you're outing.

Not bad for this time of year.
Bodge the proportion of Ale to bait was just about right although a few more cans would have been better.

looks like a cracking night  

Nice to see you getting amongst the crocs mate.....

How were you rigging the mackrel?
I've has good sucess with circlehooks and frozen sardines.

robbery wrote:
How were you rigging the mackrel?
I've has good sucess with circlehooks and frozen sardines.

I use the paternoster set up. Mackerel tails were feathered and tied on with elastic.

Just bought these two for trying out next weekend.

Here's hoping that they'll do the business.

Had a few outings recently with the lure rod and have managed to temp the odd pike up onto the bank for a quick chat and cuddle, the last couple of rambles have been on the local canals where we have had some very nice perch on small jelly shad and ondex spinners...biggest pike so far this season was caught just before the snow arrived, she warmed my day up no end...out on the river with the deadbait sticks next week so all being well we might just nudge the bar up a little higher


Nice fish  

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