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A small roadtrip

We're leaving today for a three day roadtrip to a place called Stanthorpe.  It's described as the Granite Belt Wine region and there's about 50 wineries in the local area.  It's a few hours drive south of us on the Queensland / New South Wales border.  We hope to sample the local produce and take a few pictures along the way.  Hopefully the weather will be a little cooler there than where we are.

Welcome to OTG and your road trip sounds wonderful - looking forward to hearing about it on your return and hopefully seeing some photos  

Sounds like fun and as you say hope it gets cooler, will bewating to see photos please  

We've recently come home after a great few days.  We indulged in many wines, cheeses, farm jams, and went through cherry orchards, strawberry fields, rasberry fields, apple orchards and stonefruit orchards.  We had a great time.  

I haven't taken all the photos off my camera yet but these fruit bats caught my eye on the drive home.  Do you get bats over there?  

I know you are in winter and even seeing some snow so you may enjoy this pic that I took outside an apple orchard here:

Another point of interest on the way was a field of sorgham.  We stopped and had a closer look.  Sorgham is a popular ingredient in animal feed mixes here.

And a cockerel on the loose.  Haha ... we bought a couple of these from a local store.


Apples in the orchard.  We saw a lot of varieties.  I think these were called Summer Delicious.

It amazed me that there were so many apples on the ground under the trees apparently blown off.  It was a cidemaker's paradise!

sod wrote:
Sounds like fun and as you say hope it gets cooler, will bewating to see photos please  

The weather was pleasant if a tiny bit warm.  It was around 35/36C most of the time.  We had air conditioning in the car so that was ok.  While we were away though, many friends had to contend with 46 or 47C.  Sydney had an all time high and many other regions on the East Coast of Australia had massive highs.  A lot of friends were losing their livestock.  There is very little you can do and your animals go down with heatstroke.  Fortunately, when we came home we had only lost one fowl to heat during the time away.

Great looking place, thanks for the !
Grandma Bodger

Your photos were just what we needed after the weather we have had today a real tonic thank you  

Love some of the images there backyarder

We don't have bats here so they were great to see, great photos thank you

Thanks for reviving this thread, Rusty, I missed these.

Great pics, Backyarder, thanks for sharing  

 what lovely cheery piccies, have brightened my day  

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