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A small but none the less welcome result

I had a small but none the less welcome result this morning. I picked up two 25kg bags of chick crumbs for the price of one. Wynnstay must have have had a problem with mice and the two bags that I got had been gnawed.

Thank you mice  

Mice one

Their 'mouse patrol' was lying on the counter getting fuss when I was last there  

There are two of them, don't be taken in by the black one, its a rabid killer. It fanged hold of me the other day.

Isn't it a feeling of satisfaction when you get a bargain like this?  When I go to Mole Valley I always look in the damaged bag section - not many people know about it as its hidden away in a corner - all damaged bags are reduced by 25 to 50% depending on how bad the damage is and not a week goes by when I don't pick something up - and I always do buy if its suitable for my menagerie whether I need it that week or not - last week it was layers pellets and three bags of sow rolls - thats a big saving for us.

A man after my own heart , i cant help myself  when ever anyone says " anybody got a use for ---------- " i'm in before i know what it is with my standard reply " ME ME "

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