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A second allotment!

I've taken a second allotment again it seems. What fun. At lest this one isn't a clearing job. It will allow me grow more spuds, try out cauliflowers and leave room on the original plot for things like pumpkins and butternut squash. Many plans.

Good luck with it i hope you reap what you sow
Rick & Carol

yes, hope it does well, shame you don't live here, I could certainly find you a bit of field to fence off & tame for a produce rent.

Yorkshire Geordie

Good luck with your endeavours, Christine.  

Today I took the key and unlocked the gate for a tour of close inspection. The soil needs a bit of help - it's not seen compost since Noah was an apprentice joiner but has had a bit of well rotted chicken manure here and there. There's some still in the container and chickens haven't been on there for a few years.

But if that's all that needs doing then it's a blank canvas. Good for the tougher stuff and next year will be better.

Sounds good , i have two Allotments ,my second one was in a similar condition except that it full of mares tail. and couch grass 3 years of digging and clearing roots and its starting to look a bit better , this year its getting a load of cow dung into it , and hopefully i will reap the results this year .

Couch grass will die from weedkillers but mares tail - we say around here never let it see a Sunday (in other words weed it out regularly).

Yes a lot of us have had the war with an overgrown allotment! But time and labour do help a lot confused.

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