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A really useful and worthwhile project.

I think that this is something well worth doing, don't you?

If everyone who was in a position to plant trees did so, then our countryside would be a much more pleasant place.
I know that Greenman has planted hundreds of trees at her place, have you or could you plant any trees ? Whats have you done ?

Well, I don't know if orchard trees count, but we planted a 120 tree orchard when we moved here, including apples, cooking and eating, pears, medlars, peach's, greengages, purple gages. victoria plums, cherry's, all of these of various types.

In our hedgerows we have put more quickthorn, blackthorn etc. Then for bigger trees, oak and a few more ash.  We will never see these trees mature: a. As we are leaving and b. even if we weren't we would be long gone by then.

Our closest neighbor is a tree killer........he has taken down in the last few years, beautiful oak, ash, and more, his excuse?? He is getting older and does not want the upkeep........what upkeep??? He is just an old misery who has no concept of countryside keeping!!

My next lot of tree tree planting will  most certainly revolve around cider apple tree planting.
I'm sure that we have all seen marvellous stands of trees disappear in the name of progress, it would be really nice to see some put back, even if we don't hang around long enough to see them mature.

A while back we ran a competition on OTG, which saw the winner having a tree planted in his name. I think Barrow Boy won, perhaps its something that we should do again.

Cox's apple tree, peach and apricot planted in the garden this year to go with the damson, plum, cherry, bramley apple and pear tree already there.

Having drawn up the planting plan for the new allotment, I have worked out that I have space for 7 more fruit trees, plus at least three native fruiting trees.  I also want to add a couple of small trees to the garden.

I have three black leaved elders I grew from cuttings at college, and a pot of cuttings I took earlier this month from the elder tree at the old allotment.  OK, not huge trees in the making, but they provide food all the same.

I'm lucky enough to live near ancient woodland, remnants of medieval royal hunting grounds.  The difference in the atmosphere here to where I used to live is amazing, and I put it down 100% to being surrounded by mature trees.

Progress on my main bugbear - read in the latest RHS Garden that from September, planning permission will have to be given before front gardens can be paved or tarmacced over.

Lynne, where we used to live, there seemed to be elderberry trees every where. A few years ago we bought some saplings to plant and believe it or not, of all the species that we bought, it was the elder that snuffed it. :sad10:

We have planted lots of willows, the quick growing variety, mostly as windbreak hedging.  We also plan to plant some native trees this year, alder, hazel, rowan and birch.  Things that will put up with the winds here are essential.

we face north, and being halfway up a mountain it gets pretty windy i can tell you.... rolleyes.gif  so we are going to plant some saplings this year on the border just to make a windbreak. not too sure what yet. any ideas? want something fairly fast growing.

some of out land runs along the back of gardens, and there is one prat there who, before we had it, took great delight in taking down oaks, silver birches and even a linden !!  his reason, because without them there he gets an extra hours sunlight in his garden !!
as soon as we found out...( he was in the field armed with a chain saw ) we stopped him, but every now and again he is back taking the wood that he left and is sawing it up for logs to sell......bluddy cheek. he even sprays weed killer to stop the brambles etc getting too close to his garden fence....

iam so tempted to plant some laylandii near his garden (  :q52:  ) but they are poisonous to the goats, so i would be cutting of my nose to spite my face so-so-speak, but thinking of it i just might and fence them off..... :q28:

Five fruit trees on the allotment is my total addition to the tree population. I expect that someone will complain mind you.

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