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A Real Dog Friendly Cottage

Finding a small holiday cottage that will allow three dogs can be time consuming. We have found that many cottages that advertise themselves as pet friendly go on to say "one, small well-behaved dog welcome". I always picture a chihuahua in a handbag when I read this.

We like to have a couple of weekends a year up in Cumbria and we found a cottage last October that was lovely for us but a little restricting for the dogs because the garden wasn't secure.

Earlier this month we spent a long weekend in the Eden Valley at a cottage that was just perfect for the dogs. In fact, it was so dog friendly that we feel we should share it. We stayed in Mouse Hole Cottage , one of Coombs View Holiday Cottages.

Not only was the garden perfectly secure, but the owners also have an agility course on site which visitors can use free of charge. A little early for our young pups, but the big plus for us was that the paddock with the agility course in it was completely secure too. This meant that we could let the pups have a mad half hour tearing around a field.

Of course, we tried them on the various agility bits and bobs but, overall, they just cheated.

Here's Molly getting the better of a jump, she made it through too!

The owners also offer a dog sitting service for those who want to venture out on their own, but we had no need of this.

It was the little things that sound silly that impressed us.

Like the shovel provided to clean up dog mess, and the gated stairs to stop four legged visitors from sneaking upstairs.

The owners were very friendly but not 'in your face' and they have an impressive collection of free range poultry wandering about.

We had a lovely weekend, with lots of local walks. The cons for us as a couple were the lack of a view from the cottage and no wood burner or open fire. Nevertheless, the pros for the dogs outweighed this. We could sit and enjoy their antics in the garden, and the cottage was very warm and cosy.

This is not intended to be a review of the cottage. We booked and paid for our weekend with no thought to writing a review, we were not asked to do a review. It is simply that we know it can be hard to find somewhere that really is dog friendly, and we think that this holiday cottage really fits the bill.

One of our Blog readers also commented:

BilboWaggins 31 January 2013 10:17

"I can vouch for the incredible people at Coombs View. Not only do they run 'Paws to Splash' canine hydrotherapy but they also have Sadly, we had to make use of their services in 2009 when we said goodbye to Ollie and they were outstanding. Management and I could hardly talk we were so upset (heavens knows how I drove over there in one piece) but Nick and the lady-whose-name-I-can't-recall were kind, considerate, caring and I can't thank them enough. Glad you had such a good holiday."

RepliesMo and Steve 31 January 2013 13:30

Good to see you
Yes, you can hire the hydrotherapy whilst staying there but you need a Vet's certificate to say your dog can go in the pool. We would have loved to let our old lab, Jilly, have a go but we had no certificate.
What a small world, eh? I had no idea that you took Ollie there. They have a lovely resting place and I did wander around to read many of the headstones.
The lady's name is Ruth

Great to share these places for those with fluffy familys they sound great  

always delighted to hear of good dog friendly holiday spots

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