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A rather large donkey.

You wouldn't want to fall off this one.

You wouldn't think that something imported all the way from Texas would end up so quickly in a sanctuary.

A lot has changed in 2 years. Many things people thought they would be able to afford and do have rapidly become to expensive.
Nice to see someone is taking care of her though.

What a shame, especially as she had been brought over here at great expense.  She looks a lovely girl.
Nice to see as hadnt heard of that donkey breed & thought the Poitou was the biggest.

Wonderful girl and now a lot of people can get to see/feed and pat her which she seems to love so could be a good outcome for all  
jacquie sullivan


Why is everything so big in the U.S.A, I had thought that if a donkey went over a certain size it would be called a mule, but in the wild west, they used to have Jack Asses, I dont think they called them Donkeys, but she is really lovely. Glad she has a good home and can be made a lot of.

Jacquie Sullivan

Is not a mule a  donkey X horse  
jacquie sullivan


not sure, the only thing I remember was  a film with mules for sarah, and they looked like a donkey. I have seen a mule, at a sanctuary they are smooth coated and do not have the cross on the back, do you know the story about the cross it was my favourite when I was a child, Jesus gave the donkey a cross for bearing him, not sure about the whole story.

jacquie sullivan

A mule is cross between a jack donkey and mare horse and hinnies are the opposite a stallion horse and a jill donkey

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