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A quick question about Bees, & Bee Hives

It has been an ambition of mine to become a beekeeper for sometime.
Being a practical sort of chap, I intended to resurrect the bee hive that I started building sometime ago and finish the job. Hopefully getting my own Queen and swarm before this summer is out.

I am building a 10 frame WBC hive from exterior grade Birch plywood, and would like to know what to use to protect and presevere the wood. Obviously without poisioning the Bees, or contaminating the honey, wax and comb.

Would a good few coats of exterior primer, undercoat, and gloss paint do the trick?

Here's the plans I'm using.
Rick & Carol

exterior only should be treated Gareth and certainly not any of the frames. If you use paint (which looks prettier than preservative) try to get something that's marketed as breathable as the colony will generate a lot of heat and this can cause condensation. If you fit a varoa mite inspection tray at the base this should take care of any condensation and help the bees to circulate air around the hive. I've just painted up our new National and the above relates to a bit of reading and advice from a chap who makes the things. Looking at the post date i'm sure you've sorted it by now but info might be useful to others

cuprinol is what they sell for hives through the bee shops ive always used creosote sub. on all mine for years now without harm
with a wbc white paint looks good on the exterior

Only the outside - and go for a natty shade.  Bees don like brown.  I wanted to paint our hives lavender but OH says they'll look like hives for poofs! (try saying that in a broads Scots accent) (not that I care really - theyre for bees)

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