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A Pressing Engagement

We did our first pressing of the season today. We did three trugs of Bramley's and three of Red Devils, all destined for apple juice. We thought that we'd take it easy on our first day back at work, so things were rather low key and leisurely.

This is myself and Tom picking the Red Devils. A lovely eating apple with a flesh that's tinged with red.

A rather nice tasting apple that's good for juicing.

We've still got a lovely crop of Red Windsors left to pick and an even heavier crop of these Kingston Black cider apple.

We had a super day out in the farmyard pressing in the sunshine.



      sounds like a good  weekend in all ways.
If like ourselves the weather held out nicely for your picking bonanza .

Looks old are your trees in the picture there Bodger?

Also, do the devils produce a pink juice if pressed on their own?

If you go to the first post of this thread, I'm preparing to plant my first trees.

We pressed the Bramley's and made 54 x 75cl bottles of juice. The Red Devils will improve with keeping and it might be next weekend, or even the weekend after before we press them but they should produce a pink juice.

The Kingston Blacks wont be ready for picking until November.

looking good

We pressed our Red Devils and Red Windsors today.We were really impressed with the Red Devils, the juice tasted fantastic and the colur was amazing.

The juice from the Windsors was more orange than red but again, had a fantastic taste.


Looks Fabulous!! I'll take a juice please

Two of our kids have made the mistake of coming home for the weekend, so this afternoon I conscripted them into picking our Kingston Black cider apples. We picked about ten trugs and still have a fair few to pick tomorrow.

Its a strange old season for the apples. Kingston Blacks are usually ready in November but this season, the apples are huge and dropping like mad.  

Nice crop there Bodger..I agree about the apples I have a chart of apple varieties which tells me when they blossom/crop and are ready - not this year though, all at once it seems!

I've still got a load of Dabinett and Michelin to pick, which ideally, I'd like to be able to pick at the same time as the Kingston Blacks. They should be ready at about the same time but they simply aren't.

Sounds like a bumper harvest, looking forward to the cider side of the business!
mole trapper

Bodger, you and this thread have a lot to answer for! Have today emailed off an order for another fifty trees, a mixture of ciders, cookers and desert. All two year olds on mm106 same as the other sixty,odd here already.
Was going to get the chap down the road in with his mini digger to scoop out the holes, but after reading something on a Welsh nursery and cider site about not disturbing the soil structure and instead using the "forestry T method" I'm going to have to do some more research, as it did sound plausible in theory.

Excuse my ignorance, "Forestery method"?

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