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A pressing engagement ?

I've been picking cider apples from our orchard for the last few days and today, we have enough for a pressing session. When I say enough, what I mean I've picked  enough apples to fill a 55 gallon oak barrel with juice.
We made a barrel of cider the other week too, which means that so far we'll have 110 gallons for next season. We should have the raw materials for at least one more barrel, making the grand total 165 gallons. We already have a further 110gallons of last years vintage cider, so touch wood, we should be sitting pretty for next summers cider sales.

I'm pressing apples today John.  
I have about enough for 25 gls of juice and I think there will be at least the same again still on the trees.
I've done 150 gls of cider upto now this year, the first lot is nearly finished fermenting. It's been going like a train with the warm weather.

I've got more Apple Juice done this year, about 300 bottles, as I sold out last year to my egg customers alone.
I'm intending to do some Farmers Markets this year so should need more.  

My cider apple crop this year is massive but I could do with more eating apples to make more apple juice.

I made 35 gls yesterday, better than I thought.  
It's a pity we are not closer, we could have done a swop.
I have had lots of eaters from the main orchard I collect from but my cider apple trees are young and have only just started croping.

I got things just right and filled the 55 gallon barrel.

I've literally got tons of cider apples both on the floor and still on the trees.

My oldest cider trees are getting to be quite mature.

This is what I find so handy about OTG and why using it as a diary, is just one of the reasons why we'll keep it going for as long as possible.

According to this blog, I planted my first trees back in the autumn of 2008. I must have been a fairly young man then but I forget.

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