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A post for Galaxy

I love my little pony.

Galaxy was my pony club pony who I've owned for 15 years +. She's been semi retired for the last few years but has now had to be fully retired due to lameness / an arthritic hip and is living at home with my parents. She looks sound in walk but pretty un-level in trot yet she still runs away from me when I try to go pat her haha. I've had years of tears and tantrums due to her dislike of being caught! I can't count the number of pony club rallies I missed having not be able to catch the little cowbag!

I started looking through old photo's of her today and decided to share a few.

The early days!

Pony club days! (I must have been about 15 in these pics)

The bear hug jumping position!

Whilst I was at uni

The years of tinsel abuse she has endured!

At the start of this year

Love my pony and I hope she will continue to live happily in the field for a good while yet

Looks like a good time was had by all

Great pics Doodle, fingers crossed for a happy retirement, looks very like Starlight Express who lasted into his late 30s!

She is gorgeous!  Great pics and great memories.

A tear in the eye here, she is getting a bit old and rickety. I mean the horse of course.
Grandma Bodger

the pics bring back happy memories Doodle thanks for showing them  

She is the dead spit of my old pony. He was a right Git at times! Hated men big time esp. my husband! Tom (the pony) has retired now, living in Yeovil and has just turned 31. I still have a thing about duns... love Lizzie
stir crazy

looks like one in a million - happy retirement galaxy

And isn't she lucky to have a retirement home by the sea!

What a wonderful tribute!

Happy Retirement, Galaxy  
fell lover

Have always thought that she was a gorgeous girl and she has that "butter wouldn't melt" look about her. She is lucky to have you as her mum xx

what a friend, great pics through the years, my pony as a child sounded the same , i used to get soooo bdooly mad as she took the pee out of me, happy retirement Galaxy x

Gali has been her usual self tonight and has refused to be caught to have a lightweight rug put on in preparation for the weather we are expecting tomorrow  It's quite daunting when she puts her ears back and runs straight at you!  It has always been said that Doodle could never have her on livery because she would never be able to catch her

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