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A possible new string to my bow?

After a bit of beginners luck last year with growing wild plants from seed, I'm thinking about possibly growing a few more, with a view to turning my interest into a profitable little sideline.
Last year I was successful at growing Ragged Robins, White Campion and Foxgloves. I'm going to add a few more species to the stable and see how I go. I've got a hit list of around a dozen that I intend to try and grow.
We visited a few interesting garden centres last weekend and some of them had a few wild plants for sale and thats whats given me the idea.
The venture would appear not to need much capital input and on the face of it, although it will be fairly long term, I should have a chance of turning some profit.

Because the plants are of UK origin, I don't think that my polytunnel is going to be that much use in helping to grow them, so after the seeds have  germinated in our small greenhouse, I envisage potting them up and growing them outdoors with a wind shelter of some sort. I'm thinking of rows and rows of pots placed on black membrane to keep the weeds from growing all around them and keeping maintainence down to a minimum. What do you reckon? Which wildflowers would you put down on your list and which if any do you think would look impressive enough for people to want to buy? There's got to be some mileage in this hasn't there?

Do you actually have time to add this to your enterprises?

If you have some spare time, come down here please!

Cider and plants? I should be able to fit the two in quite nicely. They're both fairly seasonal

Wow - there are so many

Sweet Rocket
Corn Flower
Cuckoo Flower
...................  oh there are just too many

Dont forget all that watering of little pots if we start having hot summers again though

No chance of that, the summers I mean

Having said that, we've just had a barby and we're sitting outside in the evening sun with a few drinks.

herbs always sell well.  Dont really know why, but they do.
I was cutting grass for a friend yesterday and noted their lovely candleabra primulas - they looked great.  I dont really have a place for these, but wish I did.

Got to agree with LLP, as already mentioned, sown loads for DD'S Wedding favour's. Total cost about 2.50, plus pots and a little compost.
Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Chives and Basil have done exceptionally well. In fact to make up the difference up  in not so good, I've been able to split the pots of Parsley , Thyme and Basil, double up quite easily those I'm not so chuffed with.
The Corriander and Dill seem to have gone leggy. Maybe that was my fault, first time growing herbs and part of the learning curve.
Set out to grow 70 plants, not counting the two I'm not chuffed have about 120, to choose from come the day... ...

Anyone  need a few leggy herbs....going cheap...promise  

Give it a go, if all you got was 50p a pot you would be well in profit, of course not counting your time.  

They sell in 2 inch pots around here for about 1.50...

I've just checked out E-bay as a possible source of wildflower seeds and there's a huge variety of seeds available out there.

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