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A Pond?

Karen and I have always wanted a wildlife pond on our property. Unfortunately, my desire to have a full blown carp pool will never materialise because we don't have any natural water supply here.

We've got one or two things going on around the place until early August but after that, we need to get a mini digger in to unblock a soak away. While the digger driver is working here we think that its going to be a good idea to get him to dig our pond.

I've found this site as a starting point. Its obviously one of many on the internet.
I threw some quick measurements for butyl liner and for something to go underneath it. I said that I wanted the pool to be 20' by 12' and 3' deep with a 2' over lap around the edges.
In total, it came to just over 500
Is that a reasonable price, I really don't know.  
Our land consists of soil on top of sand and shingle and we don't have any clay. The cost of getting any brought here and then having to puddle it, is too much to even contemplate.
Anyother options, or suggestions of suppliers would be much appreciated.

Seems to be about right mate.;hash=item27b290871a#ht_856wt_908

They are good liners though i have one from these people, no problems at all

Bodger, what sort of soak away is it that you are unblocking? It may seem an obvious answer but we have seen many different ones over the years. We designed a pool that incorporated a waste overflow that went through reeds etc into a pool. When we were in france there were quite a few pools that incorporated that sort of thing but it does depend on where it is and what it is taking away.


when we put our pond in we used old carpets to go under the liner. we  got them from our local recycling / household waste site. I think we took several of them and made a donation to the workforces tea fund.
so far they seem to have been fine.

for a wildlife pond we made some of the edges very shallow sloping so that creatures could easily access the pond and we have one end that is about three feet deep and the other end is only a few inches.
we have frogs and newts in the pond (they just came) and many birds that drink and bath in it. plus dragonflies and other mini beasts.
it has been a wonderful addition to our garden

We can't wait to get kicked in  Chris but we are having a garden party in August, so we are going to wait until after the event before the digger rolls in.

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