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A one pound investment with bells on it.

On the way to Aber yesterday we dropped on a Sunday market come carboot sale, so we dropped in to stretch our legs. There was a stall there selling fishing tackle for a pound a pack and I couldn't resist. The following items were in one pound bubble packs, with hindsight, I wish I'd bought some more.

Bells to go on the end of my beach caster as a bite indicator.

Three small spinners for a quid. oh.gif

Two larger spoons for the same price.

These are obviously copies of something five times the price. I'll give them a try ASAP and will certainly feel far happier losing one of these than the real thing. How can they sell them for that price and still make a profit ?

Probally mass produced in a third World Country (Us Soon? ) by the bucketload with the locals earning 'alf a quid a week.

Double Bell for Multi Hook Rigs?

those bells are a bit nicer than the ones ya wear on yer shoes -------Tinker!    looks like a good haul mate!

The bells with the light on I paid 3.95 for!!! They look exactly the same to me. That was from a big fishing shop in Wimbledon.

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