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A Not So Traditional Risotto List

So recently I've been experimenting with Risotto and recipes based on the theme.... Decided I'd post up today's hugely successful method...

1 and a half mugs double concentrate chicken stock (I used 2 cubes, but the real thing would only be 100x better)
300g risotto rice
6 big mushrooms (paper thin sliced)
1 cup frozen (or fresh) pea's
1 Tblspn Lime Juice
1 Large Handful Mozzarella Cheese


-Pour half cup of stock into a good non-stick pan and get really hot.

-Add rice and stir.

-Proceed with normal risotto method, allowing to absorb stock before adding a little more, absorb, add, absorb, etc, until all the stock is gone, make sure to stir all the time.

-At this point you will probably need more liquid. Have a boiled kettle standing by.

-Add water from kettle until you reach the point 1 minute before the rice is ready.

-Add mushrooms and pea's to warm through. Mushrooms should be thin enough that they cook in under a minute.

-Add large handful of mozzarella, and lime juice and stir until totally dissolved.


I served this with Salmon slivers done as follows.....

Fillet of salmon per person, cut into cm thin slivers.
Marinated in teaspoon of GOOD honey, the juice of half a lime, pinch of salt and glug of GOOD soy sauce.
Drain marinate off and fry (no oil needed in non-stick pan) until golden on the outside.

Scatter over the risotto and finished with a squeeze of lime and some coriander.

This was thrown together for my dinner, the OH is having it with terriaki chicken kebabs I made a while ago and froze as he doesn't like salmon!!

Its not traditional, but it was tasty as anything... I'm wishing I had more salmon as there's a half pot left of risotto that I could just hammer.

I'd have added asparagus if I had any in, but I don't think I'd've changed the mozzarella for Parmesan if I had some. The mozzarella really works in this.

I want to try the same recipe with pan fried duck/pigeon breasts, or some nice lamb with fat, as I think it would work very well.

Very proud of this thrown together dinner!! Lol  

That sounds like a 'goodun' to try


12Bore wrote:

Going to get a chicken for proper stock today and make it again as I was so happy with it lol

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