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A nice walk

Been for a nice walk this afternoon, photos to follow once the camera has enough charge to download the pics.

Here is my route

Easy to forget how lucky I am living where I do, a 7.5 mile route from my front door skirting the edge of the Peak District and at rough guess all of about 300 yards of it was on roads and only about 30 yards of that on roads that see more cars in a day than there are hours in a day!
Started out to do the route of backwards. Got as far as Middleton Top and the engine house was open today and working today, should have said in the last post the Middleton Top engine now operates using compressed air as its boilers were condemned in the late 1950s. As that engine was working so would the Leawood pumping engine on the Cromford Canal near the start of the High Peak Trail so I toddled off down there then back the way I'd some and with one slight variation back onto the afternoon stroll route. Guess the other bit of living round here worth mentioning is its a bit hilly start around 650ft above sea level up to around 1000ft, down to just below 300ft at the canal, back up to around 1000ft before heading back down to home!

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