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A New Piggy!

A new piggy

PICTURE ! smile emoticon

Karen would have killed me if I'd come back from the Show at Builth yesterday with the real thing in tow, so I plonked for second best.
Although my chosen breed these days is the Large Black, I still very much have a soft spot for the Gloucestershire Old Spots, the breed that I started with and the one that I still have today, so I couldn't resist buying the print below. smile emoticon
I very much enjoyed watching the various breeds of pigs being put through their paces in the show ring and meeting a few piggy people but as far as the show in general was concerned, in truth I was rather disappointed. It was much quieter than I recall it being the last time that I visited and while there was some very interesting stalls and stands to see, again I'm sure that there were more last time.
I bought this limited edition print from Anwen Roberts a Welsh artist who'd got some wonderful art work on her stand. I'm sure that you and my wife (eventually) will understand why this had to come home with me.

This is the artists website. There are some belting pictures in her portfolio.


Great pic, nice frame too!

And for a limited edition. number 15 of 20 at less than fifty pounds, very reasonable to. I've just been and fed the pigs and as a permanent reminder of our Gladys, it'll do very nicely.



I see that the artist has also done two paintings of our local Mart at Bryncir, so I would imagine that she must live fairly close to us. I wonder if she fancies doing some Large Blacks?  

Nice pic
Rare one

You will find her over the bridge at Trearddur Bay ,Anglesey , John

Not far then. I see she has an exhibition on the island in August. I quite fancy having a look see.

Karen and I are off to Llangefni on Anglesey today. Its the first day of Anwen Roberts's exhibition at the art gallery there.

Have a great time. I lurve looking around art exhibitions - as the walls of my house testify
Just had a look at Anwen's website and I like her work very much.
Bet you come back with something  

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