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A new idea

A beginners guide? Seeing this super article of Lotties, on keeping rabbits has set me thinking.

Just about everybody has an interest in some  area or other and with interest, there usually comes a certain amount of expertise.
I believe that it would be useful, if as a forum, we got together and created a series of ' Beginners Guides' The subject matter could be wide and varied, the  options are virtually limitless. Over a period of time, we could look towards slowly building up an extensive collection of interesting articles that would be an  extremely useful reference for members to refer to.
No need to be an absolute expert to write this sort of article, you can't beat personal experience.
I'm thinking about trying to put together a beginners guide to keeping ducks, which still leaves thousands of other options open to you. Please muck in and have a go, it would be much appreciated.
Don't forget that a picture can say a thousand words and that light is usually better than heavy, so try and keep your articles basic and interesting.

Great idea! As you say, it can always be expanded over time to include a whole range of subjects  

I'd certainly be happy to contribute

Probably the simplest and best way is to have an updated but locked thread, which contains an index of clickable direct links to the articles in their original sections; much like the OTG recipe book.

That's a great idea. It's entertaining but time consuming wading through good threads to sift out what you need.
I encountered this reading the thread on Smokers (not the human kind)

Not sure how much I can contribute but I'm happy to help with any admin tasks if you want something 'cobbling together'.

I'd love to read one on a beginners guide to beach fishing, I was on the beach at Borth yesterday with my grandsons and realised that if the set up costs weren't too high and you didn't have to be super fit to do it it's something I'd like to try.

We should be able to manage that between us.

I will have completed a beginners guide to duck keeping by Monday, I'm just waiting for some decent duck pictures. Who else fancies doing a forum introduction to a topic of their choice?
Your chosen subject doesn't have to have to be about livestock, it can be on anything. Just have a look at the various sections that we have and consider doing a piece about anything that you feel comfortable with. You know you can do it.  
I know that your dad probably told you never to volunteer for anything but  please make an exception and take one step forward. Your forum is only ever going to be as good as you the members make it.

Right, thats the begging over for me, its time to get the pen out.

If anyone want to write something and plan to put it in written format like a Word document. I can change these to uneditable .pdf's if it helps.

Hell why don't we go the whole hog and combine these (eventually) in some kind of WI-style book for OTG'ers. I could be electronic if people preferred.

Eschra wrote:

Hell why don't we go the whole hog and combine these (eventually) in some kind of WI-style book for OTG'ers. I could be electronic if people preferred.

Now....... that I think is a brilliant idea.

Gawsh! Gee golly!  

Well my day on here is going better than my work one last week!  

Fantastic idea! We have so many knowledgeable folk on here, and I've already learned a lot from them.
Actually, I, too, would love to learn about beach fishing (I'm an angler's daughter and live near the beach, Dad would be horrified to know that I can't catch  my supper   - although I do remember how to take the hook out!)

This sounds very good- A "Brain Bank"

jacquie sullivan

if you look at health matters, my idea would be to have a topic i.e duck keeping and people can write their experiences of ducks, and at the end of that topic a fact sheet could be made available of all the bits that are relevant  and would help, people who want to know about ducks, usually there is some small gem, and people would say cor I didnt know that you learn something new every day and would use it. Im not very good at explaining but do you get my drift or  

Great idea js

Ilove this I could learn heaps and need to but am too lazy/comp thick to go all over the net but most things would by here, like a wiki thing.

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