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A New Home for the Bodger Family Turkey Plate.

This beautiful oval plate has been our families traditional turkey plate for as long as I can remember.
The family legend, is that when my dad  was working for the long since defunct pottery firm of Johnson Brothers of Tunstall, he just stuck it up his jumper and walked out through the gates with it.
All I can say, is that if the story is true, then he must have been wearing one heck of a big jumper on and I must point out that we're talking somewhere close to sixty years ago.
With my mums passing, the plate has been passed down to me and although it doesn't seems right to say that we'll think of mum every time we tuck into our Christmas turkey, its obviously going to become a highly prized and important family heirloom.
What do you think? Its a beauty isn't it ?  

Karen's just seen my post and has threatened to knit me some more.

While I'm talking memories, I can just about recall us going as kids with my mum and dad on the Johnson Brothers works outing to Blackpool. In those days, the whole factory would have shut down for the day and all the workers would have been expected to go. I think that more than one train would have been hired and that we set out from Longport railway station with the carriages being pulled by a steam engine. On the way back home after a day on the beach, at one point, I think I remember a second engine having to be coupled to the original train and us being pulled along in tandem.
I've still got a black and white photo of a very little me as a titch in what look like hand knitted trunks.

Photos please when he tries them on Karen  

Nice looking plate

Agree beautiful plate maybe needs a frame to put it up somewhere.

Bit near the edge of the flat surface for a family treasure - would have been a disaster if you dropped that mate.

Its in a very safe spot now, it was just lingering there for photographic purpose Christine. Famous last words ?

 very nice indeed.

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