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A new friend for Tessa

I knew it wouldn't be long......we have been so sad without Alex, and Tessa was pining. We now have a new GSDx pup - named Troy. He's about 14 weeks old. We picked him up from the rescue shelter last Thursday, and he's settling in well.

The feets are big, so don't know what size he'll end up. He's very cute and learning fast.


Oh, he's gorgeous
What a lovely new friend for Tessa

A long time friend

He's gorgeous and it looks like he's got some growing to do before he fits those feet  
Dave C

Very cute  
its always exciting getting a new addition.

What a cutie!  He looks very content.  Lucky pup!

What a cutie - I bet that the only time that he stays still for photos is when he's asleep

Same as all above  I would love him too


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