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A New Apprentice Type Programme

There's a new 'Apprentice' type programme coming onto the television soon but this time its for farmers.
Its introduced on Tuesday night by Jimmy Doherty of 'Jimmys Farm' fame at 8.00pm on BBC 2 .
My first thought, after seeing how utterly useless he was on Jimmy Farm, is that I hope to goodness that he's not going to be putting himself forward as an expert in this new programme.

OMG !     He is the expert.    

oooh will be watching that.
I had an email when they were recruting for this, but as I had a busted shoulder at the time and it ment 9 weeks off of work to do the program (which I could not get) decided to say no.

Will be intresting to see what was involved tho

OMG, not him again, what else are the BBC going to trawl him out to do. I tend to switch off if he is as he just grates on my nerves.


As I've said before, Jimmy, his Farm and his new "Expert" status are just something that was created out of nowhere by a TV Production Company and Jamie Oliver's cash. How else could TV cameras be there just as he set fire to half of Suffolk, single handed nearly wipe out a rare breed pig gene pool, grid locked local roads etc. Then jumps (?) on the J.O. food do gooder bandwagon in exactly the same style as his mentor or is it banker/partner? The guy's a media created tosser.

I quite like the bloke  

Alright, so he may not be much of an expert but, 'media-created' or not, but he's part of a welcome (to my eyes anyway) movement towards rasing the awareness of British farming & food production to a public largely-convinced that milk, eggs, cheese, meat, etc has absolutely nothing to do with animals. Surely that alone has to be a good thing?

He is a likeable bloke but his animal husbandry on his earlier programmes was down right awful.

Hmmmmm...................some of those fences were, shall we say, 'Well dodgy'

Watched it but my jury's out on the content so far.  Will give it a go next week to see what it's like.

MrsWW wrote:
Watched it but my jury's out on the content so far. †Will give it a go next week to see what it's like.

I very much agree with your statement  

Just been watching it, it's bullshit, Production company selected wannabees playing at something they've read about. Of course, we won't be seeing all the things that go disastrously wrong - that wouldn't make good TV would it?

It's pretend farming with a pre-determined outcome - a complete waste of time and I won't bother watching any more of it.

That is all.

milton wrote:
Production company selected wannabees playing at something they've read about

I think you may well be right! The two sisters, in particular, seemed to be pretty much out of place, & I'd very much doubt that the right-on 'community allotment' couple would have the stamina to stay the distance without some serious assistance.

I was expecting to see the couples demonstrating a bit more knowledge about what they were attempting to achieve, but they all seemed to lack even the most basic understanding of stock control & husbandry..........along with a serious deficiency of basic commonsense in some cases. I wouldn't have given any of those fences ten minutes without shorting-out!

To be honest, I'd be recommending they hit the books before even considering keeping hens, let alone running a farm!

And despite my earlier favourable comments regarding Jimmy himself, he seemed completely out of his depth. Especially when it came to dishing out the bad news to the sisters. It strikes me as likely that he didn't have the safety-net of a carefully-rehearsed script for that part

Not sure why I'm surprised, to be honest....................

It's a program for TV nothing else apart from getting ratings, putting people in unrealistic stressful situations with no guidance or thought.

How any of them after the 5 weeks or so are going to run that farm for a year I do not know, They donít have a clue.

But then I suppose out of the 100's of people applied they had to select the people that would give the best entertainment value more so than being able to run a successful farming business. I mean who wants to watch a couple who have some understanding, and really want to live that life getting it.

Does makes me think however what I would have done in that situation, what I would have done with the land etc

And fair play to the chap who helped stop the fire spreading, I know he is a trained fireman but that would have been a lot worse for the farmer if he was not about.

Bring back Edwardian Farm. Unfortunately, this is the sort of dross that we are going to get as the TV companies face financial cut backs. Its cheap easy to make television. A real cop out.

Hear hear

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