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A mystery solved ?

A Mystery Solved ?
A mystery solved ? Well maybe but not quite yet. It might be in an about an hours time though?.
We regularly feed the birds on our front lawn but of recent, we've been plagued by Jackdaws scoffing all the food, so we've taken to feeding them under a purpose built metal cage. This has had the effect of stopping the jackdaws dead in their tracks, while the smaller birds such as Robins and sparrows have been able to eat at their leisure.
A few nights ago, Karen noticed that the food under the cage was disappearing during the night, so last night at ten thirty, I put a pristine round of bread out and set the trail cam up to see what our visitor, or visitors are.
This morning the bread has completely disappeared again. I've retrieved the camera and now its a matter of down loading the pictures.
I'm thinking rats or possibly a fox.
I can't wait for my wife to get up in about an hours time and do the technical bit. I don't do techie stuff.  

A slight cock up, in as much as I set the camera a bit too high. We captured images of  several moggies visiting the cage but we could only see the top half of the trap. We couldn't see anything go into the cage, so I'm not sure what took the bread. Did the cats fancy a sandwich, or were they interested in something that did?
I'll have to do it all over again tonight and hopefully get things right.

Nice one bodger, I'm so pleased it's not just me!

Good luck hope you get a better result next time

Its a bdooly big rat. I've seen one in the feeder three times this morning.

I've got the bedroom window open looking down onto the lawn and an air rifle at hand and I'm also going to stock all my bait stations up with fresh rat poison. Ugh ! I hate the barstewards. !

At least you know what you are up against now

Agree   hate them too all the best at shooting it

I got up at six this morning while it was still dark and there was nothing in the trap. I've just checked it again and I'd caught a hedgehog in it. One of this years young by the looks of it.

I've got photos of it but can't let you have a look at them right now because all our photos on PB have disappeared along with the account itself.

" Eezzz a Hamster Mr Fawlty "

I quickly let him out, he quickly unfurled and toddled off crunching the dead leaves as he went. These delightful creatures are the reason why I've had to set off all my Fenn traps.

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