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One for the Pot

A Mornings Hawking

The weather took a dramatic change from -11 to 2c, so out with the hawks it was to be. There was still a sharp chill in the air and rain was forecast so we wasn't too sure how long we would be out flying. All the birds were keen and flying well.

Here's some pictures I took.

My good friend Dave hooding up.

The Visla working cover

Play time? Nooo there was mouse down there.

The vislas and terrier flushed some great game for the birds, they all worked hard indeed. That will be it for me for this season flying the BOP, I'm just hoping for some more rain so the dogs can have a few more sessions on the lamp.

Lovely photos - thank you -  bet you had a lovely day  

Great pics,  

A day where BOP's are worked over HPR's is on my list of things to do.

Fantastic, what a great morning for you all!
Moby Jones

Fab pics. Looks like you had a great day.

Thanks for leting us join you, that looked a great day out

Fantastic stuff Artic....i am very envious!!

Thanks for sharing - great pics  


What a super day  

 awesome pics ! what kind of dogs are those ?
Dave C

Great pics pal
Did the falcon get anything

One for the Pot

Thank you people

I do have some clips of the day, if I can work out how to put them on here then I will tomorrow.

We were after the black stuff and ended up with 3 partridge and 1 crow.

Although I would leave the Hares this time of year, the land owners Harris  bagged 2 bucks.

Two of the dogs were Wire Haired Vislas, and one leggy terrier.
Dave C

Yeh get the clips up pal.
Look forward to seeing them.

One for the Pot

Dave C wrote:
Yeh get the clips up pal.
Look forward to seeing them.


I haven't forgotten Dave. I've had to cancel this weekends flying session, using one hand is a little awkward.  
Dave C

What have you been doing Artic


That looks like it was a great day out

Looks like a great day  
fleet fox

looks cold?...but thats part of it all...great birds the long wings..always love watching them
fleet fox

its great watching the longwings...masters of the sky, seen a peri a couple of years ago take a teal out...the speed was unbelievable...great pics

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