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A Mile Stone.

At least it is for me.
Its now two years/ seasons since I had to give up my allotments and 18 months  since I started to develop the new garden.
Just a few moments ago, I dug up my first " new potatoes" and picked the first " broad beans"...        

Guess who is now walking around with a big grin on his face right now...

You got it' diggers '.....Well      

Once all the firsts are over on this new plot, you'll be looking round wondering what new ground works are required.

Anyway - congratulations on eating your own again.  

great news ever reason to be happy/grinning


Nothing like eating home grown, mate.

Totally agree Border, I was like a kid in a sweet shop this morning, picking and gathering in. Family have now decided on another barbie this afternoon, due to these horrid weather conditions..  
Guess what I'm adding to the menu....yep! potatoes and broad beans.

I've waited so long for this, they will be on my plate later today..

After waiting so long, 18 months , reading up on here others crops...These are mine and will be eaten today.....        

Have a good day...

I love the 'firsts' of the season. A plate of everything home grown ...nothing like it....Enjoy  

Nice, a great feeling!

I have just been out and plucked our first strawberries of the season.

Fragaria x ananassa 'Senga Sengana' also known as 'Rambling Cascade'


All I can say is Y.U.M.!!!!!!

Enjoy Digin~you've worked hard for a great reward!

Mmmmmmmmmm.....Border, those look incredible! *drooling.....*  
David Smith

And best of all, Diggers, it's not an allotment or any other sort of borrowed ground - it's YOURS!! And will get better and better! :-)

Best wishes

David Smith wrote:
And best of all, Diggers, it's not an allotment or any other sort of borrowed ground - it's YOURS!! And will get better and better! :-)

Best wishes

Oh! to be sure it is all mine David...

Second mile stone this morning, 6 am picking, French dwalf beans, two tubs full...
No where near the amount I've grown in the past...only a dozen or so of each variety, but now I am begining to see the light at the end.
Bally Heck!..its so good to be back, reaping the rewards of ones efforts...    

The mile stone is well past now......

Summertime and the pickings are easy....

Dug up 8 halums of Charlotte potatoes today, filled a bucket nay problems.
Hand fulls of runner beans, lots of flowers still on them.
Courgettes are now ready for picking.
Loads of French beans ready to be picked, this will be the third picking.
Unfortunately the toms are all still green, but plentiful.
Lettuces are going wild, ready to seed.

So the future is looking brighter, at least since I started and considering there are realy only three small beds .

Its so good to be harvesting again...

I've got the spud sacks out of storage to dig up the rest of the Charlottes.

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