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A major construction completed.

We completed a major construction yesterday.
Last night we finished building a of new paddock for our boar.
Some of you may recall that back at the beginning of the year we bought a new GOS boar, which unlike all my other stock, wasn't used to electric fences.
Once home, we put him into a run with the intention of electric fence training him. We followed lots of advice and what was hoped would be his new home had three strands  of electric wire and was backed up by pig netting. He touched the electric wire three times but on the third time, he lurched forward smashing the whole lot. He snapped fence posts on his way and in an absolute blind panic made his escape. We genuinely thought that we'd lost him on his very first day. By this, I mean that I thought that he would have been bound to have severely injured himself. Thank goodness this turned out not to be the case but since then, I've sworn that any new stock, not born here must be electric fence trained, or else its wasn't coming here.
Well I was unable to get him used to the electric fence and so I bit the bullet and got contractors in to do a proper job. In addition to a hundred metres of pig netting, there are also four strands of prehensile steel protecting my investment.
This should hopefully do the job, it certainly cost enough to construct.

He's got plenty of room and a nice des res for both himself and his visiting sows to chill out in.


That looks like a proper job. Hope it works as well as it looks
Dave C

Very nice mate  

When is he taking up resistance ?

Now you'll have to put electric fence round the inside to stop him destroying the stock fence

Hopefully, I wont have to but if he does get stuck in, then it will be just the one strand right at the bottom of the fence.

We're off to The Ludlow Food Festival and we'll walk him across after we get back. Although it was an expensive exercise, this set up will give him and his visiting sows somewhere decent to chill out. It will give him an improved lifestyle and give me peace of mind too.

Tidy job hope all goes well


We got back last night from a great couple of days in Ross on Wye and then we spent the morning at the Ludlow Food Festival yesterday. There were some very interesting and innovative pork producers at the fair but finally got back into harness with the stock here at home this morning. One of the tasks we've managed to get done, is to take Matty our young Sambo boar across to his new abode. He certainly seems to appreciate it.  

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