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A lousy wet day

Its my fault that I've very much neglected my website and because it a lousy windy wet day here, I've started an update and  smarten  up.
I've already done a bit today on the front page and as long as the weather stays as it is, then slowly but surely I'll work my way through it as the day progresses.
Its nothing like the finished article yet, so don't be too harsh but do have a pop in to see how things are going.
My Weebly site has a blog facility too. Its a facility that I haven't been anywhere near for well over 12 months and I've sent myself a memo that from here on in, I must add to it a few times each and every month.
I can be quite slow on the uptake and I've realised that my website, done properly could be used very much to my advantage.
I've got some new business cards on order and I need things sorted before I start handing them out. I just can't afford to let myself go off half cock with this.

I'm fairly happy with the wording I've come up with for the front page but I'm a bit concerned that the whole of the page comes across as being too busy. Maybe we should say less but make the writing larger? What do you think?
Yorkshire Geordie

I gave the pages a quick scan when you first posted, Bodger.
I spotted a rogue spelling error but other than that found nothing wrong.
"We have been selling the pork as whole of half butchered pigs but"
Should that read "We have been selling the pork as whole or half butchered pigs but"?

As long as the information is correct and pertinent it can't really be faulted.
I would get a few more pages filled with pictures and information then re-appraise it as I go. Rome wasn't built in a day.
But there again - I'm retired and not running my own business so what do I know?  

Thanks Mart, I'll sort that out.
Bit by bit, I'm working through it page by page. Its something I should have sorted out ages ago. I've just noticed that I've used the word 'placid' twice under the GOS pig picture too.

Looking good!

There are a couple of things I'd point out but I'm too polite and as I don't run my own business I probably don't know what I'm talking about!

Looking forward to tasting some of that cider one day...

As of now, we've just changed the format again, so please have another look. We'll consider any suggestions.
We've still got some of the lesser pages to sort out.

Could read " They free range in family groups in large grassed paddocks "

Done   I've changed that. Thanks.

I've done a bit more work to the website today but I'm not very good at multi tasking. I've been trying to get it right while watching the England West Indies test match. England aren't multi tasking, so what's their excuse?

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