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A load of cobblers!

Some people talk a load of codswallop and IMO this is a prime example.

This so called method of mole control IMO, is more likely to increase mole activity rather than decrease it. If a tunnel is polluted with something unpleasnt, then surely its going to encourage the mole to dig a new pollution free one. Common sense? Or what?

Gotta love the RSPCA getting them to move you must first make sure there is some where else nice for them to go "yeah right"

Years ago i did a similar treatment for the local council on a large park, but i used roiled up rags soaked in Creosote.

All this did was move the moles on from 1 place to another ( it doesn't get rid of the moles )

Early in the season I usually get lots of mole hills and runs.  I try never to stamp down the runs, and the hills are removed and used for potting compost.  I find once they have constructed their runs that is normally it for the rest of the year, though there may be an occasional newcommer move in.  

It has to be time for  

Moles will always produce new hills as they use their tunnels for hunting earthworms. Once an area's been denuded of worms they need to dig new tunnels to ensure a food supply. And as they have a four hour digestive cycle, & can dig upwards of 20 yards of tunnel in a single night they're not long in causing some serious damage to the soil substructure.............

The only practical way to clear them is to trap, in my view  

Or you could try this.

That looks like it could be pretty effective  

In my opinion those rodentators should be BANNED

I thought that they had Bry.

Trapping them is the best way , then you know what you have caught.

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