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A little touch up.

Today, I found some long lost and much neglected spinners and spoons. I'm ashamed to say that they are a bit on the rusty side. Trebles and split rings can obviously replaced but to get them back into top fighting condition, quite a bit of their paint work will need to be a touched up. I'm afraid that in places the paint has left the building and we're down to bare non shiney metal.
What sort of paint do I need to get and just as importantly, where can I get it from?

I'd use Humbrol enamel. Comes in small tins from most craft  / art shops.
You will need some thinners to clean the brushs which will also be available. They are also readily available on ebay etc.

Thanks P  You're a star, with the price of spinners I can't afford not to get them back into action.

I mainly use water based acrylic paints and a water based clear varnish when painting or refurbishing lures & spinners. Mainly because I use them across most of my arts & crafts projects, and it is so easy to wash the brushes out: I've never experienced any paint dissolving or resilience problems when using these refurbished lures.

One particular pattern that I like to paint is; Mackerel type stripes in a Grass Green on a white base background, and then use 2-3 drops of  Ultramarine blue acrylic mixed into the water based varnish to sort of give a medium blue opaque coat finish .... .... absolutely deadly for Sea Bass.

I'll see if I can find some of re-done lures, take and post a few photos.

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