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A little gem.

" Where the hell did I get this from?" I've just said to Kaz.
I've just had a look through the book case for something to read in bed this evening and come across a book that I genuinely don't remember having seen before. I don't know where its been hiding all this time and I can't see it being Kaz's somehow.   Its entitled 'Coarse Fishing Baits: Their Preparation and Use. by F.Oates. Its a first edition from 1958.
I must have picked it up from somewhere but I really can't recall when or from where. To say that its a little dated, is to put it mildly. Page 55 recommends the use of bullock pith. No the author didn't have a speech impediment  It also goes on to identify brains and something called greaves as being useful baits.
I've had a quick scan through it but don't worry, I'm not sad enough to take it for bedtime reading.

you wont take it to bed but i bet your up till early hours looking thru it before you go to bed  

Can't throw any light on those either Bodge
Crow wing

A little gem

Greaves ? This could be meat greaves (dried meat). Years ago I used to feed this to the fowl before the scare over BSE prohibited the feeding of animal products back to their own kind.

It says that its something to dowith the making of tallow candles, so yyou're probably right.

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