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A large increase seen in the use of rural train services.

This has got to be good news for the environment hasn't it? These figures mean fewer car journeys and fewer air flights polluting the environment? They are also bound to mean more customers for local businesses.
I read this article with interest but noted that there wasn't a mention of the increased cost of running a car contributing to the increased use of the rural rail system.
For the sake of the environment, I think its quite obvious, that as a nation we need fewer cars on the roads rather than more. As an industrial nation our policies of industrial growth are totally opposed to this., We are totally committed to increasing our GDP year on year. If we don't do this, then we see ourselves as a country that is failing. We need to be building and selling increasing numbers of cars year on year, which  as I say really does go against our avowed intention of being more environmentaly friendly.
IMO, although its a bitter pill for us to swallow but  increased fuel and insurace costs are actually doing more for the environment than any of the governments so called green policies.

When was the last time that you caught a train? Are you a frequent or infrequent user of the railway system? As a family, a train journey is still quite a novelty, I don't think that we've been on one in the last three or four years..

Last caught a train in Oct 2009 for a trip to Edinburgh. For anything but long journeys there is no option here for the train-we have to drive the 18 miles into York to catch the train. There used to be a service that ran from York to Beverley which came through this area-in fact our tiny village had its own station-albeit actually about 3 miles from the village!! It was all pulled up and now all that is left is a stretch of very nice bridleways/walks! There has been talk of reinstating it but it wouldn't be possible as much of the route in the towns has been altered and built on-the old station in the town is my kids school sports hall!

I use the train once a month for a commute to London, at nearly 300 a pop i don't see it as value for money or really an incentive not to use the car.  For local services, we occasionally use the Settle Carlisle line to take the kids out into the dales, it is expensive (would be cheaper to use the car for the family apart from the novelty value) and the last time I went on it with my little girl, so overcrownded, that it was only the kindness of another passenger that meant my daughter could sit down rather than being sood up amidst a sea of legs.

I have friends who commute into Leeds and yes, the use of trains is obviously on the rise, however, it seems that our local rail company don't feel that this suffices putting on additional carriages so that folk don't get to pay for the priviledge of standing  all the way to leeds.

Im travelling from Dundee to Poole for 151.80 return in a couple of weeks, I usually fly but the flights are so dam expensive.

Im taking a suitcase, it worked out that for flying it would have cost me alone 180.00 an extra 9.00 for fuel insurance, 46 for a return journey just for my suitcase, 42.60 for my carpark fees not counting my fuel to get to Edinburgh Airport.  I know I will be stuck on a train for 9hrs but I just cant see the point in splashing out 277 odd for a plane fare on top of my holiday!

The cheapest I ever flew down south for was 10.02 return that was with Ryanair, they have since stopped all flights from Scotland to Southampton/Bournemouth  


one thing I do on my London trip is download a few programmes from BBC Iplayer and stick them on the laptop, it certainly helps while away a few hours.

Jonty wrote:

one thing I do on my London trip is download a few programmes from BBC Iplayer and stick them on the laptop, it certainly helps while away a few hours.

Im quite happy with my ipod and a couple of books, im looking forward to it thou as this is one journey I have never done before.

I would usually take my laptop but im not this time, thanks for the suggestion thou.  

Funny thing here is to fly from Wellywood to Auckland or ChristChurch can be done for $45 train to Auckland is $75 and ChristChurch you have to go over on the fairy so$$$$$$$$$ From here to Wellywood it is $15 each way so if on own we use it cheaper than car but more people car so much cheaper plus use of car at other end   But the workers trains from here and over on the coast From Palmerston North to Wellywood are packed   This government is heel bent on roads guess there is a reason       But Auckland is moving to local rail and is a big hit with people Wellywood has a great local train system that is very well used. I think the packing problems are a big factor. I think of a saying I heard years ago "If God meant us to have cars we would all be born with a parking space"    

I use the train twice a day during the week, to get to work in London.  I've been commuting for 13 years now and almost had enough!  I would not want to encourage anyone else onto my commuter trains, that's for sure. They're crowded enough as it is. At least I get a seat every day as I'm at the beginning of the journey, but three stops later, people have to stand all the way into Waterloo.

I reckon they have a bdooly cheek charging anyone for traveling by train, to be honest..............................

After all, the damn thing's going there anyway. Wouldn't kill them to give you a lift, would it?  


Usually on the train several times a month for work and thank goodness I'm not paying! 160 return in the very overcrowded cattle class if I want to get into London for a reasonable time, do a days work then leave when I finish rather than late evening. Oh and on top of that 11 a day to park at the station.

Last time I was on a train, it was steam driven. Ok I went from Bridgenorth to Bewdley on the Severn Valley railway a few years back. Also does the funicular railway at CAT count, I wonder, as I have been on that more recently?
The question regarding increased railway usage is either down to increased environmental awareness or the increase in fuel prices. Perhap both. The problem is that more people wish to live in nice rural surroundings but want the wonga that the city provides. Either that or they can't afford the high property prices in cities. The solution is either to make more affordable housing in cities or industialise rural areas if traffic usage is to be reduced
I live in a small market town which has seen massive expansion of house building in the last 20 years whilst local businesses have fallen by the wayside. Most residents now travel 20 miles or more to work. Some villages are virtually empty during the week as the cottages are only used at weekends. The affect of which has seen pubs, village post office and public transport infrastructure decline, thus adding to the employment problem.
We need to start rebuilding a sense of community and start thinking locally, possibly embracing the Transition model. With the increase in fuel prices, this could be forced upon us. Personally I think this will be no bad thing.

I travel on the train to work rather than sit in the car park known as the M6. I am lucky enough to live right by a station so can hop on and off with ease. I have just spent 5 weeks going up and down the M5 and although the car has the convenience of being able to leave when I feel like it the journey is not a pleasent one. I can do the same journey on the train for about the same cost as the fuel used but what I enjoy is the ability to sit and read or listen to music without some silly idiot trying to break the land speed record and cut in and out of the lanes with no indication.

Baldy we have a scenic train on our main trunk railway that runs steam for about 4months a year which I keep promising myself I will go on every year, maybe this one     We live in a big town that a lot travel to The capital City for work but a few more firms seem to be moving into this area   here hoping to keeps up.

Kat one of the things we like about our railway is it goes a different way to the road so you get a much better view of places and the things you said too  

I used to work for Mersey Rail, I was a fitter's mate, the majority of us (workforce) used to travel to work by car even though we had travel concesions    ........ of course i'm not saying there was bad workmanship but I still dont like using them 14yrs later  

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