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A great day out. (very image heavy)

The OH and I have just spent the day at the largest agricultual show on Jutland.

The weather was dull and cloudy just the right weather for the thousands of animals that were exhibited.

The show is where Danmarks champions are made up, in the following cattle, sheep goats rabbits, horses, chickens,

Here are a few assorted pics of the day.

View as you arrive at the main enterance.

Parade of Simmental cattle.

A few pics for all you chichen buffs. Sorry about the quality of images, but the wire mesh of the cages kept getting in the way.

Back to the parade ring to the Scotch highland cattle, they have to be my favourite breed. This cow was made up to a champion in her class. Herefords in the back ground.

For the first time in the shows history, we saw bison. This bull looked pretty p¤ssed off.

Waiting to enter the parade ring to be judged.

Display of vintage tractors.

How do you fancy cutting your grass with this wee thing.  

You could also be driven around the show ground in a horse carriage or wagon.

I rather liked these pair of sheep sculptures made of willow whisps.

A picture for our American members.  they seem to be everywhere.

Vintage tractors with hop on hop off trailers drove around the whole show ground, saved alot of walking. Nothing as good as the sound of a Fordson Major just ticking over.  

Enterance to the flower tent.

I have always been fascinated by the art of Bonsai.

When I saw this, I thought of Mo and her flies.


Fabulous pictures looks like a great show  

That looked like a good day out Border   Great pics, thank you for sharing.



Great pics, and very interesting

I'm honoured to be mentioned with my flies ;)

Great pics  

That was interesting and looked like great fun.

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