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A good

Few days.

Scottie and Moi have actually, in about 8hrs. work done all the pre winter, hacking, pruning, tidying up and Chez Baz/Scottie is now Shipshape and Bristol (Boobs???) Fashion.
Tomorrow Jessie gets a good run over our local Country Park.
Lucky Jessie?
No way. After a couple of hours she will retire for the next two or three days.

I bet that the garden looks good now
Do you plant any winter plants?
(and how was Jessie after her walk? dog_run.gif )

Mine is far too dry to sort out yet....but rain forecast for friday - yippee (and i never thought i'd say that about rain) Love Lizzie

Not really, never seem to thrive much but we have literally hundreds of Early/Spring Bulbs.
Show starts with Snowdrops, through Crocus, Bluebell (Cultivated not nicked) then into Daff's, Narcissi and Tulips.

Jessie had a good hours run then got home, drunk a bowl of water, got on the settee on the second attempt and slepy and slept and slept.

Would like a bit of this again for a few days though.

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