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A good time to shop around.

With current retail situation as it is, its certainly a good time to shop around before you buy. I have an account with Huws Grey, our local builders merchants and always presumed that I've been getting a good price. Yesterday, I rang up for a price on 20 scants and was offered 2.85p a length. Scants are lengths of 8 foot 2x3 timbers that are used in stud walls

Out of curiosity, I gave Jewsons a ring this morning and was given a considerably lower price of 2.20p, which represents considerable saving.

I got back to Huws Grey and they've reluctantly matched it. Apparently, Jewsons are on a 'revenge mission' in an attempt to regain lost customers.
Dave C

I did some stud walling about a year & a half ago and fell lucky.

B&Q were selling off old stock of 2x3 cls for 1 per length.

The offer didn't last long though

Dave, over the Christmas period I intend using them to make some chicken runs.

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