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A Genuine Queston About Bio Mass

Just how green is Bio Mass ? I really don't know that much about it, other than it burns renewable wood rather than fossil fuels. What else has this system got to recommend it ? Are the trees better being left and put to use helping to trap carbon emissions? If they end up being burnt, isn't any carbon that they've taken from the atmosphere simply re released ?

Is this just another way of polluting the planet or is it a genuine step in the right direction ?
green man

Over it's life time the tree accounts for it's eventual carbon release, It save releasing the carbon already locked up in coal etc, and is also good at fixing and creating the soil and slow release of cooling water vapour and it looks nice, and it provides a windbreak and habitat and further protects soil and property and stuff and and and well you get the picture don't you! If it wasn't grown to burn it wouldn't be grown at all.

The theory seems to be that the growing impact on carbon neutralises the burning impact making a lifetime zero carbon cost. It assumes you plant some biomass first.
I was tempted to try some Miscanthus and asked for a quote to plant about an acre. The price made my eyes water! So I did not pursue it but if it becomes a more reasonable price I might try it as I built a masonry stove which should burn it a treat and be highly efficient.
In the meantime willow has the most potential.

Tell us what a masonary stove is and what it does. I've not heard of one.

moved - see Masonry Stove thread.

This is really interesting. We are looking at Froling wood boilers at the moment as we have some old willow trees that we cut, mature and burn as we need the wood and room for a few more to see us up and running in a few years with a moderate supply of wood. We don't have a back boiler on our wood burner at the moment so while having to invest in a new one it seems senseless to not look at the more eco options whilst we are at it. The average woodburner wastes soo much heat and you need to burn it most of the day to keep warm whilst a Froling (or similar ) only needs to be burnt for 3 to 4 hours a day to provide you with all your hot water and heating as the watertank is so well insulated. Mind you they are huge and cost a lot of money so we have started to look now in-case we need to budget hard for the more expensive option : . Why is life never simple .

I can't remember exactly but I think the materials came to about 500 and I used the firebricks from some old  night storage heaters that were here in the heat chambers to absorb and slowly release heat.
I light it in the morning, burn for an hour or so and it still gives off some heat the following morning.
It is a winter thing though as there is a time lag between lighting it and giving off heat so you don't want to light it for just a cold evening but rather for a prolonged period of use every day.
For the odd quick heat a woodburner is better.

We will have to look into those Welshboy, we have a huge inglenook with a baffle plate at the bottom and a flue going up it so it may be workable but not quite sure how we would get access to it - may have to build from the top down     :toothy7: .


There's a useful starter article for 10 on Wikipedia although the European biomass plants that use the ORC system tend to have less enviromental issues than some of the much larger american industries highlighted in the articles description of the industrial installations.

In countries like Norway the biomass systems running on woodchip even capture the released CO2 and use even that in the system reducing the impact even further.    

I think the P.T. residents are seriously overreacting and definitely haven't done their research beyond finding the info they want to find to support their opinions.

It only took me a few hours  when I originally researched biomass to find some really top notch balanced scientific research highlighting the honest pros and cons.

Case like everything green tech at mo in NIMBY'ism. If this carries on, there's nowhere we'll be able to install green installations and the nuclear power plan will just be forced through regardless.

One of the few times I back the government in the idea of creating rules that ignore the normal planning process of local councils to avoid the NIMBY effect.    

When you consider the amount of jobs that could just be created by supporting the new blooming green technologies in a time when these types of investments could really change the way we behave as well as creating new huge employment and investment in the UK which would allow us to be ahead of the international game in a recession and in the new regulations that are going to be arriving come what may in next 10 years.  

Sorry one rather battered soapbox for sale now I've finished with it LOL!  

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