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A Freebie!

Bodger and I called in at cafe at the local garden centre this morning and on the way out a member of staff was giving away some huge plants  She said that they were an annual climber and were going to be thrown away if no-one wanted them

Another local was busy arranging for all 4 children in her car to have one on their knees on the way home  and we were persuaded to take 2.

The label says that they are 'Quamoclit Feuerzunge' and it looks as though they will provide a good display of flowers for the rest of the summer.....................but why were they giving them away? They were priced at 7.99 each on the pots

Rare one

Commonly known as  Spanish Flag  from the same family as Morning Glory loves full sun

Its called Mina Lobata. We grow it every year and its very pretty. Love Lizzie
Rare one

Thats it same one also known as Firecracker vine

my local garden centre does the same if you time it right you can pick up some good bargains i have just got 24 potted trailing begonias for 3 if they order too many or if they don't sell they have not got the time or space to over winter them so sell them at cost price or less

They look great and good price We like others have been there at right time ours were nectarine trees 3 cost same as 1 only 3 there not free like you though

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