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A fox may have taken our Puddytatt :-(

Hi all

We have a cat from the rescue centre that is scared to death of everything (he's petrified of carrier bags for some reason),he went out on sunday night and didn't come back 'til tuesday night but wouldn't come in, a little later, around 11pm, the wife heard him scream at the bottom of the garden, she said she thought a fox had got him, so i went down the garden like a lunatic wielding a 325 year old samurai sword, if i had seen the git, he would have been like sliced bacon now  

Anyhow, behind the shed is an area that isn't used (there is a shed of the person on the next road too that backs onto our property), we found an excavated hole, i presume it's a foxhole and not a badger hole (is there any way of telling as if a badger confronted me when i ran down the garden, i would probably have soiled me linen    )

Some pics of the hole and the bit of land..

The hole is about an inch to the right of centre of the last pic (behind the shrub)
The size of the hole is roughly 14" across and about 10" tall (approximately)
we also had problems with a fox chasing our last cat, the wife was washing the pots at the sink when she saw our previous cat going hell for leather up our garden from the same place, she darted up the pear tree, the wife ran out screaming at the fox and it buggered off...
A few days later, we could hear the cat crying, it was under the next doors shed, i had to coax her head out with food so that i could grab her, she was trembling, i presume the fox had chased her under...

Is it legal for me to cover the hole with a board and empty the contents of my Co2 welding cylinder down the hole??
Do foxes excavate an escape hole or would they be stuck in the hole??

As the Co2 is heavier than air it would stay down the hole and axphixiate the occupant and hopefully solve our problem but i think it's too late for our puss Smokey

This is Smokey, he's a norwegian forrest cat (and bdooly big too!), would a fox take a cat this big or would there be a chance that he'll turn up??(he didn't show up last night at all but a small fox was seen by the missus trotting down our garden.. I klnow that an airgun won't do the job and i don't have anything else apart from a shovel but don't fancy sitting there all night to catch the git coming back...

Is it legal to gas them in the hole??

Thanks in advance for any insight..


I'll lend you one or all three of my Staffies - they'll sort the bugger out!  Mind you, if your cat came back, they'd probably go for him as well!

I hope the fox hasn't had your him - the little swine!  Could be it's just frightened him and he's done a runner and maybe hopefully he'll come back or someone will find him.  

hi..fairly sure it isnt legal....someone may be nearby who can lend you a fox trap...thats one way to go.  dependant on the other and the suitability of your garden/neighbouring land etc it may be possible to use a rimfire on it, perhaps bait it for a while...
it doesnt look as if it would suit a terrier as it seems to have a lot of roots etc and there would have to be 'fowl' somewhere nearby that were also under threat by it...

good luck, see who else posts up about it.


Cheers for the replies

I've already been told elsewhere that gassing them in the hole isn't allowed
It's actually in a ladies garden over the boundry (their garden end meets ours), she had an outside aviery with thirty pairs of exotic birds, a fox managed to get in and killed all but two birds   , i asked her what she was going to do about the fox (i was told when they chased our last cat that the council would set traps if they were killing domestic animals), she said, well it's what they do isn't it  

We're hoping our Smokey comes back again tonight though i don't hold much hope, the trouble is that the cat becomes one of the family and he was so loving

Regards, John..

Sounds as though it's likely to be a fox right enough, John  

Badgers would leave some pretty unmissable sign around their sett...........most obvious would be the spoor, scrapings on trees, guard hairs caught up in the bark, etc...............

As for getting rid? Shooting's an option, but that would probably involve pre-baiting your garden for a few nights to attract it (doesn't sound as though your neighbour would take kindly to having it shot in hers!?)

The other realistic option is to set a live-capture trap. This has the benefit of letting you set it anywhere in your garden you choose, & it works 24/7..................the downside is that the fox will still need to be humanely despatched as it's actually illegal to re-release them.

Hope you get the bugger, one way or another!

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