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A fox, believed to be the biggest ever found in Britain

I found this on SKY news this morning;

There was a good article and pictures in yesterdays Times about this---I've cut it out for a fox loving neighbour.

WOW that is a scarey thing

I saw a fox chase one of our cats across the field..............

the cat headed straight for me(I was shouting at the fox) and it wasnt until it got to me that the fox stopped (8 ft away).  The cheeky thing stood and stared at me for a few seconds before walking away and hopping over the fence..........

Middle of the day.......ordinary size fox........scary!

I remember reading ages ago that the biggest fox recorded was 33lb and I'm sure that bigger have been caught than the one in the article too.

Our estate is right on the edge of the countryside and we get a lot of wildlife milling about.  One night we were leaving my MIL's house which is one of the last houses before the fields start, and a fox and a vixen came running across the car park and the grass verges.  They stopped about 10 foot away from us and gave us a looking over.  We stood still to observe them before they carried on with their journey, and they weren't frightened of us at all.

They were nowhere near as bit as that one in the article though - although I once saw a HUGE cat sitting on my MIL's fence.  I said something about the arse on that cat was nearly as big as mine and she said 'Oh, it isn't a cat' whereupon, the 'cat' turned round and it was a SQUIRREL!  It was massive!  I think my FIL got it with his catapult at some point!

Did any of you read the messages below the post, pretty well everyone was horrified that the fox had been killed, some wanting to prosecute the vet for doing so.  I only read one page, there are lots of others!

Hooked up being measured cruel?????? Derrrrr it was dead dumbo.

Aaaawww poor poor foxy , anybody got any problems with foxes give a shout and I'll have a look for ya:whistle:    

bigget one i shot was tipping 25 lbs on the scale not far from you bodger    

I was talking to Brian Nuttall about this topic during the week and he said that the biggest fox that he'd seen with his own eyes weighed in at 29lbs but that it had some form of 'dropsy' This had added greatly to its weight and going from his account, its condition was not very pleasing to behold.

There is an issue apparently wiith goody too shoes having the scent glands removed and the foxes being shipped down to wales and being released this one I understand had its glands removed

Foxes of 25lb are very common, I have heard of several tipping the scales at 28 and 29 lb especially in Scotland.

I wonder what the biggest bunny hugger in Britain is? Maybe we can string one of those up and measure it?


As long as you do the skinning Dave.


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